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My Personal Dubturbo Review

Hey Visitor, 

I want to ask from you,

Do you have craze for music and want to build your own?
Do you want everyone in party to dance on your custom music?
Do you want to make everyone crazily dance on your custom music? 


…You don’t have expensive studio equipments to build your own music


…You don’t want to spends thousands on music equipment

Here is *GOOD NEWS* for you

With investing ONLY $39.99 you can get all music equipments in your home…

Yes, that right

…Dubturbo offers you many tools set which help you to create your own masterpiece BUT…

Some People Are SAYING Dubturbo is old and lack of features than SONIC PRODUCER V2.

If you want full tool set for building your own music I highly recommended downloading SONIC PRODUCER V2.

More Importantly SONIC PRODUCER V2 is now available for only $34.99 (even cheaper than DUBTURBO)

SONIC PRODUCER V2 contains 60 days money back guarantee which DUbturbo doesn’t

Don’t waste your money and time with DUBturbo, HURRY UP and download the leading best beats and music producer NOW!!!

Thinking about renting music studio for building your own beats? Think again… even music producers not doing this. No more studios, no more keyboard, no more guitar . . . build your custom beat at your own house. Yes, you listen it correctly, you don’t need any expensive music equipment, studios to build your own beats… All you need is TALENT and access to computer. If you having right talent then nobody can stops you from becoming music producer.

To take your first step towards becoming SUPER music producer all you need to do is unlock your hidden talent and Dubturbo is your key. With the help of this beat maker you can transform your PC into professional studio.

Beginners, newbies, DJs, music producers, music lovers are all using Dub Turbo without any problem for making high-quality and heart-touching beats.

Some are selling beats, some are making people crazy and some are sharing their own masterpieces with their friends and love one.

DB is all-in-one solution for making rap, hiphop, modern, urban and for almost any kind of beats. Just make up your mind and start building beats on it. Isn’t that what you looking for?

DUBturbo is affordable, power-pack and not to mention best beat maker in music industry.

This software includes all sorts of tools, equipments and support that you never get with any other software with that price!!

Take a look about all benefits of this great beat maker,


1.    1000s of sample music track to choose from…
2.    Numerous Videos tutorials, guides and instruction for first time user
3.    Mouse drag and drop and many keyboard shortcuts
4.    Light-weight software and/or web-based application
5.    16 track sequencers
6.    Full drum kit with 40+ different drum sticks to choose from
7.    Run 3 multiple copies at a same time
8.    Full supported drum track
9.    Easy Import and Export Facility
10.    44.1 stereo .wav music quality for industry standard
11.    Fully customizable
Is that enough for just 40 bucks beat maker??

Wait, DUBturbo as some cons also like any other software.


1.    Minimum computer requirements are high need up to 2 GB RAM to run smoothly.
2.    Requires quality sound card and recording microphone
3.    Windows based (developer working for MAC version)
Can your computer handle it?? Go for it!!

Update: Some Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) I receive from readers of this site:

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):


Q1. What is DT?
DT is the short form of DubTurbo or Dub Turbo or Dub-turbo (people write it, in their own ways).

Q2. What is Dub Turbo?
Dub Turbo is online and offline beat maker for music lovers, producers, DJs that want to build rocking and aspiring beats. It contains all expensive music equipment that professional and costly music studios contain. With the help of its video tutorial, guides and instruction you start using this beat maker like a pro and with the combination of drag-drop feature plus keyboard shortcuts you can make your own beats within few minutes. One of this site readers send me his custom beats within 30 minutes after reading this DUBTurbo reviews. Can you beat his record?? I’m waiting…

Q3. Is it difficult to install?
Not really, it setup is as easy as opening your computer. Just click few buttons and you done. No worries and with the help of video tutorial even 5 year kid can install it. It is not difficult to install..

Q4: Is there is any guarantee?
Well, there is even no guarantee for human life but wait Dub turbo have. This beat maker comes with 60 days full money back guarantee. There is no risk of losing money. Use risk free for 60 days. If you don’t like return it and get your full money back. Creator of this software promises for no-question asked policy.

Q5: Is it available for MAC?
When this beat maker launch it is basically for only windows Vista/7 user but due to huge demand this software is now available in MAC as well as Windows 8 version.

Q6: Can I get Dubturbo FREE?
This software is power-pack full of expensive music equipment and it only cost $40 plus its money-back guarantee almost makes it free. Many people selling their beats to music lovers with the help of this software. If you’ve some serious music production talent then you can make 10x more money than its monthly cost.

Q7: What are some unique features of Dub turbo?
Please refer to pros section of this article to read its unique and powerful feature what you never find in any other software at his price.

Q8: Does it work for me?
How can I say, its all depends on your need. I don’t know what are your requirements? Dub turbo is online application which helps you in making beats online using your computer and software.

Q9: From where I can download this software?
After reading this Dubturbo review you can click this link to visit official website of this beat maker from where you redirected to download page after paying money. You will get download page instantly after completing your purchase even if it is 2:00 AM.

Q10: Is it safe to buy this software?
This software use clickbank payment gateway which is 100% safe and secure. Your details will remain confidential and private for lifetime.

Q11: What is the cost of this software?
As mention many times, the new and latest version of Dub turbo 2 is available for purchase in only $40. This is the launch bonus which does not remain same because the previous version of this software cost $150.

Q12: Do you recommend it to everyone?
Of course, this software changes my life that is why I am writing this Dubturbo review. You want to know how this software changes my life? After using this software for thirty days I build couples of beats and sell it to music producer who running online music company for $100 per track.

In the end of my personal Dubturbo review, I want to say that if you are looking for making custom beats without any music studio or expensive music equipments then Dubturbo is having perfect solution for you.

Take a look on Dub Turbo video:

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